Saturday, November 7, 2009

Something About Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer is the most common and lethal of the cancers that one can be diagnosed with; however there are also effective treatments for patients suffering from lung cancer.
Most cases of lung cancer are smoking related, but not all smokers will develop this form of the cell degenerative disease. It is a good idea to quit smoking if you are, and even the occasional cigar could increase your chances of getting lung cancer. This is why it is also especially dangerous to smoke near children and babies, because among the other harmful effects, this can play a huge role in their development of cancer one day.
There are many different types of lung cancers. These are Epidermold carcinoma or Squamous cell carcinoma which is most common in men and attacks the bronchial tube lining. Then there is Adenocarcinoma lung cancer which forms in the mucus glands and occurs mainly in females and in non smokers. Bronchioalveolar carcinoma is a rare part of Adenocarcinoma cancer, forms near to the air sacs in the lung and is shown to be responding more effectively to the newer clinical trial treatments.
Other types of lung cancer are the Large cell undifferentiated carcinomas which occur on the outer edges of the lungs closer to the surface. This type spreads more quickly than the others and has usually done so by the time it is even diagnosed. Small cell lung cancer is caused more often than not by smoking and accounts for 20 percent of all cases of the disease. The cells start off small but quickly grow into large tumors.
Lung cancer can be easy to miss as the symptom produce in the form of normal flu like symptoms and normal illnesses like bronchitis and pneumonia. You could have an irritating cough and some chest, back and shoulder pain. If you notice any blood in the sputum or a change in its color then it will be wise to have it checked. Other symptoms could include a shortness of breath or very difficult breathing.
The symptoms of lung cancer do not have to be only respiratory related. You might have loss of or no appetite, fatigue, joint and head aches, swelling in the face or neck and also sudden weight loss. More severe symptoms of lung cancer can include strange lapses in memory and becoming unsteady on your feet. There are many therapies and treatments, including some clinical trials, so if you are diagnosed, speak to your practitioner about these options.
Something About Lung Cancer

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Seeking Alternative Cancer Treatment For Prostate Cancer

scottsdale, AZ-based New Hope Medical Center, an alternative cancer treatment center, offers patients suffering from chronic diseases a place to go in order to receive alternative cancer treatment care. Each plan is tailored to a single person, making those who choose alternative cancer treatment care a unique way to fight their cancer or other chronic disease.
Prostate cancer forms in the prostate, a gland in the male reproductive system. This type of cancer affects 1 in 6 men and is the most common non-skin cancer in America. The rate for a prostate cancer diagnosis increases as a man ages. In fact, most men with prostate cancer are over 65 years old. In 2008, there were a total of over 186,000 new cases of prostate cancer, and about 29,000 prostate cancer-related deaths.
Prostate cancer may not show any symptoms, but those who do have symptoms involve urinary problems. A man with prostate cancer may have difficulty passing urine, experience pain or burning during urination or even see blood in the urine. A doctor can diagnose prostate cancer by either performing a rectal exam or testing the blood for a prostate-specific antigen.
At the New Hope Medical Center, the team of doctors works hard to ensure each patient who chooses an alternative cancer treatment is given the utmost care in hopes of suppressing the disease and improving overall wellbeing. There are four main goals the doctors at New Hope Medical Center try to achieve with every patient. They are the following.
1. Try to stop the tumor from growing.
2. Try to make the tumor regress.
3. Reach the stage where the tumor completely disappears.
4. Keep the patient in remission with no recurrences of cancer.
New Hope Medical Center believes boosting the immune system through noninvasive therapy is a key way to eliminate cancer and other chronic illnesses. The doctors at this alternative cancer treatment center also stress body detoxification along with the proper nutrition and diet as ways to bring the body to a better state of health.
The beautiful facilities of New Hope Medical Center and honest, caring, and compassionate staff welcome any cancer or chronic illness sufferer who is looking for an alternative treatment and method of care. Several cancer sufferers have provided testimonials praising New Hope Medical Center, the founder, Dr. Fredda Branyon, and the experienced, highly-qualified staff members. New Hope Medical Center has helped several cancer patients in their quest to conquer this disease through the use of alternative cancer treatments. Along with proper nutrition and immune system building, other alternative cancer treatment options may include physical therapies, homeopathic medicine, botanical or herbal therapies, systemic enzyme therapy, hormone therapy, acupuncture and stress management, as well as chiropractic medicine.
Men suffering from prostate cancer have other ways to fight cancer besides the conventional chemotherapy or radiation. Contacting the doctors at New Hope Medical Center is a positive first step towards fighting cancer, whether it is prostate cancer or another form of cancer.
Seeking Alternative Cancer Treatment For Prostate Cancer

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cancer Survivor Turns Cancer Information Specialist

This makes EFA's an important part of your diet. Other sources of these fats are fish and nuts. Most of the fat in my diet comes from a combination of nuts and flax seed oil.
The best manner of extracting the oil while maintaining all the health benefits of the omega-3 fatty acids is by cold pressing the seed. In this form of oil extraction the flax seed oil is pressed out of the seed and not exposed to heat.
But now let’s talk about the nutritional values of flax seed. They are the best source for Omega 3 fatty acids, which is great for the brain and concentration. Adding flax seeds to your diet can increase your ability to concentrate better and think faster.
A comprehensive approach to treating cognitive disorders should include foods and supplements that benefit the overall health of brain cells. These include omega-3 fatty acids found in flaxseed and fish. In one study men with prostate cancer who ate an ounce of ground flaxseeds (almost three tablespoons) a day as part of a very-low-fat diet were able to slow the progress of their cancers between the time they were diagnosed and the time of surgery.
Cancer Survivor Turns Cancer Information Specialist
When callers to the Canadian Cancer Society's information service connect with Isabelle Wilson, they're talking to someone who's been there herself.
The Christmas of 1997 was turned upside down for the Montreal mother of three. Days before the holiday she learned she had a rare tumour on her left lung. The lung was removed on Christmas Eve. Wilson was a 30-year-old non-smoker and had a six-month-old baby at home. Even her doctors were stunned.
"Everything went so fast," she says. "I didn't know what was happening to me."
Like the omega-3s found in fish, it appears to reduce the risk of heart disease and numerous other ailments.
Flax Hull Lignans are very beneficial for many health conditions. Studies have shown that SDG or lignan (secoisolariciresinol diglycoside, but for simplicity this substance will be referred to as lignans)
In large doses, or when taken with inadequate water, flaxseed may precipitate bowel obstruction via a mass effect. The effects of flaxseed on blood glucose levels are not clear, although hyperglycemic effects have been reported in one case series. Omega-3 fatty acids are long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (18-22 carbon atoms in chain length) with the first of many double bonds beginning with the third carbon atom (when counting from the methyl end of the fatty acid molecule). Read on for more details on flax seed benefits.
Flax Seed muffins pregents Cancer? Find Flax Seed Recipe today! Omega-3 for health! There are also many ways of consuming the seeds. You can simply just chew them. You can grind the seeds to make a power.
Worse, Wilson had to recuperate during the infamous ice storm, which knocked out power and heat to her home for days. Eventually she turned to the Canadian Cancer Society's information service for support and help in understanding her condition. It was a life-changing call. Three years later, Wilson joined the service herself.
"Knowing there was a professional there who was with me and researching this disease too meant a lot. I felt a lot less isolated," says Wilson, a biologist and former health services worker. "One morning I woke up and said, 'I have to do this job.'"
The service is Canada's toll-free bilingual source of cancer information. Trained and caring specialists provide information about cancer and community resources. This helps newly diagnosed patients and their families understand their condition and act as informed members of their healthcare team.
There is nothing as profitable to a drug company as a patient who is forced to take some drug for the rest of his life - heart medications fit in that category. In this Omega-3 benefits and facts section you will learn the basics about omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFA) from fish oils and their function in our bodies.
Flax Seed Oil is a rich balanced source of essential fatty acids. The high content of omega-3 fatty acids in flax seed oil is one of its positive attributes.
Let me first address the issue of fat. Fat seems to receive a lot of reprimand but the fact is we all need fat; fat helps nutrient absorption, nerve transmission, maintaining cell membrane integrity etc. However, when consumed in excess amount, fat contributes to weight gain, heart disease and certain types of cancer.